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We're passionate about student achievement and committed to supporting companies working towards this mission. Based in New York City, Coleman Strategy specializes in all education business development matters, from cultivating the seed of an idea to fine tuning the final product. Whether you have an educational app, PD service, or textbook to get in front of educators, we'll lead you to success.




Areas of Expertise


The ed space is crowded and K12 budgets are tight. Selling one product to please the diverse stakeholders of administrators, teachers and students is a tall order. 

How do you reach your sales goals? And how do you retain the sales you've gotten? We can help.

marketing & publicity 

Educators are flooded with marketing messages, and most go unread. New companies struggle to be seen when competing with big names with big budgets.

How do you get your message to stand out and brand recognition to grow? We can help.


RFPs. BOCES. Co-ops. The K12 landscape is diverse and complex. What works in one district won't work in another, and what one state requires, another will refuse. 

How do you navigate and find your grounding within these confusing systems? We can help.

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela


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